Attending the event is possible by invitation only.
Participation is free of charge. The number of participants is limited.
You are welcome to contact our team at with any questions you may have.
If you have registered for the event but cannot attend, or if you would like to be represented by a colleague, please inform us your earliest convenience.
For EaP CSF members, this request is subject to approval – please send an email to before proceeding with registration.

Invited guests will receive a registration link in their letter of invitation.
Please confirm your participation by filling in the online registration form by 5 September 2017 (Tuesday) at 23:55.
Upon successful registration, you will receive a confirmation letter.
Please be informed that the venue is accessible only to accredited individuals.
Before the Forum you will receive a reminder e-mail with the practical information about the event.

Sponsored invitees
– all logistical arrangements related to your participation will be made by the company Cecoforma.
The detailed information will be sent to you after your online registration.
Cecoforma will book a round trip ticket for you once your participation is confirmed. You will receive a travel proposition. Once received, please check for convenience and name spelling and then return it to Cecoforma with your approval/confirmation. After your written confirmation, you will receive an electronically issued ticketno paper ticket.
Please keep your boarding passes to provide them together with a copy of your passport upon registration at the event venue, in order to receive the daily allowance.
Please note that sponsored participants are not insured by the sponsor (i.e. the European Commission) while taking part in the meeting unless you insure yourself prior to the visit, which could then be reimbursed by the European Commission.

Self-financed participants – please make your own arrangements for your travel.

Sponsored invitees – your room with breakfast included will be booked and pre-paid at the Radisson Blu Olümpia Hotel (33 Liivalaia street, Tallinn, Estonia) for max 3 nights, with check-in on 24 October 2017 and check-out on 27 October 2017.
Any extra costs (mini bar, phone calls, room service, dry cleaning…), extra nights or double occupancy shall be paid by you privately.

Self-financed participants – please make your own arrangements for your accommodation.
The organizers have secured a preferential rate for lodging at Tallink City hotel from 24 to 27 October:
Tallink City Hotel , reservation code: EAPFORUM17
Booking by e-mail or phone
Single room €92
Laikmaa 5, 10145 Tallinn,
Tel: +3726300808

When arriving in Estonia, all delegates must present a valid passport with the appropriate visa (if required). It is not possible to apply for a visa at the border. Delegates who need to apply for a visa must do so in their country of residence. Estonia is part of the Schengen Area. The following website shows which Passport holders need to apply for a Schengen visa and provides information about the application process:  Estonian Ministry Foreign Affairs .
For detailed information, please contact:

The detailed information will be sent to you after your online registration.

EaP CSF members are invited to take part in an info session on the arrival day, 24 October (Tuesday), at 17:00.
This session is intended for all who are new (or not) to the Forum and want to learn more about the Forum in general (structures, rules, regulations), and in particular about what will be happening during the event.

The event starts at 18:00 on the arrival day, 24 October (Tuesday).
Networking fair at which  EaP CSF members have their projects/experience showcased. The detailed information will be sent to you after the online registration.

The 2,5-day event will start at 9:00 on 25 October (Wednesday) and end by 14:00 on 27 October (Friday).
Working languages are English and Russian (simultaneous translation).
Coffee breaks and buffet lunches will be offered by the European Commission at the venue of the event.

Pre-registration is required during online registration.
Detailed information and list of NGOs will be communicated in due time.
Transportation between the hotel and the venue will be organised by Cecoforma.

Venue: Restaurant Merineitsi at Sokos Hotel Viru (Viru väljak 4 Talllinn)
The dinner will start at 19:30 on 25 October.
Transfers from Radisson Blu Hotel Olumpia at 19:00, returning at 21:30, and 22:00 organised by Cecoforma.
Specific dietary restrictions of the delegates should be indicated via the online registration system
Dresscode – business formal.

There will be free WiFi throughout the conference center.
Use the event hashtag #EaPcivilsociety to spread the message about the event on social media.